Awnings add distinction
to your home...

...both inside and out.

This retractable awning provides shade
when needed, and can be retracted
when you prefer to gaze at the stars.

Keep cool, with style.

The fixed awnings on this elegant tudor home enhance its architectural style while keeping the interior cool and free from glare.

Make a big statement
in a small space.

Narrow lots are common in urban areas. This attractive awning adds privacy and extends the season for enjoying this compact, outdoor dining area.

Custom awnings for
any style architecture.

ACME Sunshades will design, manufacture and install awnings that are perfect for your home.

Flight of fancy.

Beautifully modern, shade sails can shade areas large and small, and can be surprisingly affordable. They are an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Count on ACME.

Here in the West, ACME is the trusted name for shades, awnings and canopies. Contact us to find out how we can help you make the most of your home.

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ACME Sunshades has been the San Francisco Bay Area's trusted awning supplier since 1922.

Beautify Your Home

Enjoy your home more, both inside and on your patio or deck, with sunshades that moderate your home’s climate and cut the glare from early morning and evening sun.

Awnings are a great way to save on energy costs by providing shade to windows and patios. They have the additional advantage of adding beauty to the home.

Go traditional or go modern! Many styles are available to suit any application, including retractable sunshades, canopies, and more. Read more…

Brighten Your Business

Looking to attract more customers? Distinctive awnings add a dramatic statement to the front of your business and help draw customers’ attention to your storefront. It’s one of the most economic and effective steps you can take. ACME is the expert in design, construction and installation of awnings for business facade improvements. Chances are a business near you has awnings from ACME Sunshade. A well designed, attractive awning is often the most cost effective way to get a large amount of advertising up with a limited budget, while creating an inviting storefront for customers. Discover our many options including special fabrics for backlit graphics or fireproofing. Read more…

Cleaning & Repair

The elements can take their toll. Give your old, dirty or worn awnings a new lease on life. You’ll save money if your existing awnings can be cleaned, repaired or refurbished when compared with replacement. We can help you decide. ACME is the cleaning and repair expert for all brands of awnings and shades. Read more…

ACME Sunshades Ships Nationwide

ACME Sunshades Ships Nationwide

For customers arranging their own installation, ACME Sunshades ships its broad variety of shade products throughout the continental United States.

Serving Northern California Since 1922

ACME serves the San Francisco Bay Area

From Marin to Monterey, from Pacifica to Pacheco, ACME Sunshades has been installing custom awnings, canopies and shades since 1922. Our estimators and installers cover the entire San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey Bay, and parts of the Central Valley, including Sacramento.

Read more…

There’s History in Our Name

ACME Anvil CompanyWhen Carl Rawitzer gave the name ACME to his start-up awning company in 1922, he placed it squarely in the annals of Twentieth Century Americana. If you watched cartoons on tv as a child, chance are you’ve heard the name ACME many times before. Read about the history in our name.

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Spring is on the way…do your awnings need servicing?

In addition to selling the finest awnings, canopies and shades available, ACME Sunshades also provides expert cleaning, maintenance and repair services for existing awnings. Restore beauty and add life to your awning investment.

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