Spring is on the way…do your awnings need servicing?

In addition to selling the finest awnings, canopies and shades available, ACME Sunshades also provides expert cleaning, maintenance and repair services for existing awnings. Restore beauty and add life to your awning investment.


Dirt and pollutants in the air, along with wind, rain, and relentless sun all combine to dull the luster of your awnings.

After a wet winter these awnings were dirty, faded and sprouting algae. Cleaning with a strong–yet safe–solution and a soft brush made them look like new again.

An annual cleaning keeps them looking their best and extends their useful life. ACME crews will come to you home or place of business and provide expert cleaning services for your awnings. They will also check for small tears or weakened seams that can be repaired before they get worse. Read more ››


This awning looked like a lost cause, but the frame was still strong.

This awning looked like a lost cause, but the frame was still strong.

ACME can repair or replace your awning fabric while using your existing frame structure. This can be a cost-effective alternative to full replacement.

Our crews can also inspect and repair awning frames. Regardless of the condition of your awnings, your ACME Sunshades representative will explain your options and help you make the best decision for your situation. Read more ››

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