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Regular, professional cleaning and maintenance ensures the long life and beauty of your awnings

Protect Your Investment

Over time, as dirt accumulates and the weather takes its toll, dirt can become trapped in the grain of your awning fabric, making cleaning a difficult and sometimes nearly impossible task. This buildup can cause permanent damage to your once beautiful awning. Fortunately, with proper and regular care, your awnings can last decades.

Maintenance Plans

That’s why ACME Sunshades offers a full service cleaning and maintenance program for your awnings. Such a program will help you to prolong the life of your awnings. For the harsh, arid climate here in the West, we recommend regular cleaning and inspection once every six months. Contact ACME to schedule service.

Cleaning As Needed

Cleaning is also available on an as-needed basis for special occasions or to get your awning back into a maintenance regimen.

Awning Care Between Servicing

Between service appointments, you can care for your awnings by following tips on the Fabric Care page. 



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