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ACME Sunshades Maintenance Services

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Cleaning Suggestions

Awning fabric should be cleaned regularly before substances such as dirt, roof particles, etc., are allowed to accumulate on and become embedded in the fabric. The fabric can be cleaned without being removed from the frame. Simply brush off any loose dirt, hose down and clean with a mild natural soap in lukewarm water (no more than 100 degrees F). Rinse thoroughly to remove soap. DO NOT USE DETERGENTS!

For stubborn stains soak the fabric for approximately 20 minutes in a solution of no more than 1/2 cup (4oz.) of non-chlorine bleach and 1/4 cup (2oz.) natural soap per gallon of water at approximately 100 degrees F. A non-chlorine bleach is recommended. Rinse thoroughly in cold water to remove all of the soap.

Caution: Excessive soaking in bleach can deteriorate sewing threads.

Caution: This method of cleaning may remove part of the water repellent coating in the fabric. After cleaning, the fabric should receive an application of an air-curing water repellent treatment, such as APCO, UNISEAL, SUNSEAL or similar products.

If your awning is taken down and stored during the winter season, before you take the awning down it should be cleaned and allowed to air dry. When completely dry, store the awning in a dry, well-ventilated area.

Please Note: These are general cleaning recommendations, and may not be the best solution for every awning. If your awnings have special coatings, treatments, or graphics, or if you have specific maintenance questions, contact an Acme Sunshades specialist for information and advice.

Cleaning Sunbrella Fabric

These tips will help you protect the water repellant coating on your Sunbrella fabrics.

Sunbrella fabric may be dry cleaned, but a water repellent treatment must be applied to the fabric after dry cleaning to re-establish water repellancy. Sunbrella is made from 100% acrylic fiber and is thermoplastic or heat sensitive.

When washing or cleaning, DO NOT SUBJECT TO EXCESSIVE HEAT as the fabric will shrink. DO NOT STEAM PRESS OR DRY IN ELECTRIC OR GAS DRYERS, but allow to air dry.

When cleaning stains from Sunbrella “Plus” fabric, be sure to use a non-chlorine bleach to protect the urethane coating.

Cleaning Suggestions for Fabric Awnings and Canopies

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