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Architects, Builders, Property Managers and Owners count on ACME Sunshades for experience, expertise and integrity


A well designed, attractive awning is often the most cost effective way to get a large amount of advertising up with a limited budget, while creating an inviting storefront for customers.

ACME Sunshades has won numerous awards for high quality business awnings. ACME products are always professionally crafted, highly functional, high impact, creative solutions for your business.


In commercial settings awnings and canopies perform the functions that you would expect: keeping rain off arriving guests, shading your sun-drenched windows. And they can do a lot more, too. For instance, create additional sheltered space for inventory, outdoor products, sidewalk sales stands and other indoor-outdoor uses.

What’s more, your awning or canopy can be dressed up in vibrant colors and striking graphics, drawing attention to your storefront. Add backlighting and you’ll light up the night with your presence. ACME Sunshades has the design expertise to help you choose the shade solution that will work best for you. 

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